Down another dress size I go


I’ve gone back to eating a bit more bread, I don’t say no to junk food as much I used to, and despite using a wheelchair permanently, I have gone down another half of a clothes size.

I know I already wrote about vibration therapy a few months ago but I am constantly amazed at the results I keep getting. I’ve been doing my new form of training for a while now, and that coupled with a slowly progressive and sustainable change in diet, I have never felt stronger or been more mobile.

What has amazed me the most is that I have regained even more muscle tone in my arms and legs since I last wrote about vibration therapy. I went from a size 16, to 14, to now being in between a 12 and 10. It would probably be better if I did go back to a healthier eating regimen, but we all know that’s not going to happen… And it’s not even about losing weight – that was never my primary intention. I only ever wanted to keep what little muscle tone I had. Regaining what I lost was never even a possibility in my mind. But that is exactly what has happened, and I honestly can’t get over it.

A few weeks ago I saw an article about how new trials on vibration therapy machines are offering ‘hope’ to kids with disabilities and their families, with the option to purchase machines if they wanted to. The article says that treatments up until now have been limited to injections and stretches. I also found it fascinating that the machines were costing families $5000-$6000 each.

Vibra-Train, based in Auckland, has been offering free treatment for more than a decade – treatment that has proven to reverse the effects of muscle wasting. He also gives machines out for free for people who need it and may struggle to buy them. The machine that I have been using is only worth $400 and has worked complete magic.




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